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The Quality

No compromise on quality, because we hope quality is not a factor of comprimise. 

Be assured. You are at right place!

Star Batteries’ manufacturing units are equipped with advanced machinery and technologies. With advanced technologies, these facilities provide Star Batteries with the capablity to multiply their production to meet the demands of the ever-growing power sector. Automatic and fast machinaries ensure zero error in batteries. Star Batteries are made using high density poly-propylene containers. Our batteries are heat sealed on machines, hence are leak proof. Our PE separators are sourced from the world’s leading PE envelope separator manufacturers from USA. Also, Star Batteries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Quality Control : The crucial step

The quality control function is part of the regular process. The final inspection is done by the exclusive quality control team. They undergo inspection with a detailed checklist which includes acid test, voltage test, specific gravity test, build check, temperature checks, etc., leading to ultimate consumer satisfaction.

Quality control verification stamp can be found on top of every piece of Star Batteries, along with the signature of a Quality inspector. To ensure that the quality product reaches customers intact, our packing team does excellent and safe packing of Star Batteries. While packing, checks on serial, batch & transportation numbers are carried out for traceability. Our Batteries are finally dispatched to dealers & distributors safely through Star’s exclusive vehicles or with approved transport companies.

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Quality Management System - Certification by IAS (International Accreditation Service®)


Not every other brand is quality.
Be wise. Choose Star!

At Star, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products. Our quality control and safety measures ensure that our products meet the highest standards. We use the most advanced technology and machinery to create superior and premium batteries. With 34 years of excellence in the industry, our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the best customer support. We are proud to be your trusted source for automotive and tubular batteries.

Qualified team with over 34 years of excellence & experience

Tested & proven before any product lands on our shelves, it's thoroughly tested

Supportive Customer Service Team anytime to answer your queries!

Make sure to
choose the best!
Why Star?

Not all brands are trustworthy.
Not all brands are really supportive.
But we are. Guaranteed.

Be Wise. Choose Star!

​​Selenium lead alloy grids, resulting in protection against shocks and vibrations. Not every brand is trustworthy. Be wise. Choose Star Batteries
Least corrosion of terminals that ensures unrestricted current flow. Be wise. Choose Star Batteries
Every customer can access our priority customer service support anytime for any queries. Be assured. Is every brand customer service responsive? But we are. Be wise. Choose Star Batteries
Low Maintenance. Be Worry free. All our batteries are low maintenance and easy to set up. We care for it, be assured. Are other batteries in the market really easy to maintain? Be wise. Choose Star Batteries
Superior built and designed for rigorous applications. We never let our hands down in quality. Are all the other brands really quality? in and our? We are. Be wise. Choose Star Batteries
We stand out of the heavy pricing. All our batteries are very cost friendly, with the best quality. Does any quality battery match our price? Star batteries are very affordable and low cost.
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