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A one stop solution for all your battery related issues!

New Registration

E-Register your new Star Battery now to experience seamless and priority support!

View Registered Batteries

View the warranty period, complaint status, and other details of your batteries

Complaints & Status

Facing problems with your battery? Promised express 2 hours resolution!

Feedbacks & Request

Have any feedback or feature requests to share with us? We would be glad to hear it!

Buy Battery Online

Urgent requirement? Order now and get it delivered within 4 hours from our retailers!

Contact Support

Query not solved yet? Escalate it to our Phone or Email support, and be assured. 

Make sure to choose the best!
Why Star?

Not all brands are trustworthy.
Not all brands are really supportive.
But we are. Guaranteed.

Be Wise. Choose Star!

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Why Star Images 1080px.png
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Know More

View and download the listed documents and brochures!

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