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CEO's Message

Our Chief Executive Officer Mr.Thachinamurthi has a lot to say. Check it out!

Greetings to the readers and consumers of global market.

"Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering and providing tremendous service to customers. Finally, business is a cobweb of human relationships." — Henry Ross Perot

Started the journey in the early 1990s  at a casting agency in Coimbatore, the roots of battery business steadily grew by gaining a lot of experience, exposure and understanding the requirement and necessities to produce a top-notch quality product for consumers. By understanding the global demands of quality products and service, we initially started with a battery-plates business at Manchester of Southern India, Coimbatore. After succeeding by supplying quality products to consumers, we grew up and moved ahead a step, and started our own brand SUN Batteries in Coimbatore in 1994. We were one of the best producers of high quality batteries at affordable pricing and best service in the market. Our batteries ranged from Inverter applications to every vehicle on the road! We were deeply concerned about the quality and after sales service that needs to be provided to consumers, and we always did our best! In fact, we did the best in the market! We grew along with our expansion of the network steadily on growing demand. We compromised ourselves to adapt to the changes of the global world, but never compromised on the quality and service. And we still follow the same! 

“One way to find food for thought is to use the fork in the road, the bifurcation that marks the place of emergence in which a new line of development begins to branch off.” - William Irvin

Yes. A New line of development led to the emergence of STAR Batteries. Might have sounded new, but the quality and service support increased.  Strong team with more than 35 years of excellence in the battery manufacturing field is  working and are currently working hard to produce the best quality products in the market at an affordable price, with new features that aren't available in the market for consumers. We promise for the quality, and moreover we promise for the service & support we offer you life long. We are consistently developing new ideas and features to grow our network in the global world, and to implement innovative ideas to provide the best experience for consumers & network retailers! 

Thanks for your valuable time and hearty thanks for showing interest in Star Batteries. Be Assured.

Thachinamurthi P
Chief Executive Officer
Star Batteries

Our Vision

‘To create a better life for people by providing best batteries that aid uninterrupted workflow.’

Our Guarantee

Star Batteries guarantees long-life and reliable batteries in various applications to which we cater when our batteries are used in specified conditions.

Our Values

Star Batteries is committed to supplying the best batteries in the market. We are focused on consumer requirements, R&D, and structured manufacturing.

Make sure to
choose the best!
Why Star?

Not all brands are trustworthy.
Not all brands are really supportive.
But we are. Guaranteed.

Be Wise. Choose Star!

​​Selenium lead alloy grids, resulting in protection against shocks and vibrations. Not every brand is trustworthy. Be wise. Choose Star Batteries
Least corrosion of terminals that ensures unrestricted current flow. Be wise. Choose Star Batteries
Every customer can access our priority customer service support anytime for any queries. Be assured. Is every brand customer service responsive? But we are. Be wise. Choose Star Batteries
Low Maintenance. Be Worry free. All our batteries are low maintenance and easy to set up. We care for it, be assured. Are other batteries in the market really easy to maintain? Be wise. Choose Star Batteries
Superior built and designed for rigorous applications. We never let our hands down in quality. Are all the other brands really quality? in and our? We are. Be wise. Choose Star Batteries
We stand out of the heavy pricing. All our batteries are very cost friendly, with the best quality. Does any quality battery match our price? Star batteries are very affordable and low cost.
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